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At IMT, heavy emphasis is given to visual inspection and alloy confirmation of every piece of scrap that enters our facility. Precise records are kept in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and our customers specific requirements. We also have instituted an on going training program for our already highly trained employees and everyone involved in producing cost saving methods and efficiencies.


Begins with unloading, weighing and tagging every container as to source and lot number. Our experienced employees sort through each piece using either a pre-calibrated and pre-programmed spectrometer/ X-ray analysis machine, or various other special techniques for non-standard material to determine the alloy designation. This is an essential element in ensuring the highest possible grade and quality.


The material is then cut to customer specifications using hydraulic shears, gas fired torches or band saws. Depending on the surface condition of the product, the material may need to be washed, degreased, shot-blasted and chemically milled.


The final stage is accomplished by visually re-inspecting the raw material for configuration, size, and cleanliness, and chemistry composition is also checked for alloy confirmation. Then material is placed in steel drums, gaylords or wooden boxes. After labeling each container, they are palletized and set aside on the loading dock for delivery.